Exclusively for Udacity VR students, we host a one-month group project initiative called TEAMWORKS. This gives students a chance to work in small teams to create a VR group project for their portfolio, get valuable feedback from their peers, and gain exposure to their work.




Below are the projects created during the fifth round of TEAMWORKS. The theme was Risk.

Team Kernel

Team Manager: Jehoshaphat I. Abu
Team Members: Carlos Jaimes, Artur Balthazar, Erika Gangware

RiskyLab is a game where the user is tasked with cleaning a messy laboratory! We all know it is risky to leave the lab a mess.


Team Aech

Team Manager: Michelle Mboya
Team Members: Ahmed Chehab el Dine, Diana Cristina Culincu, Natalia Kaganovskaya

Andromeda Initiative is a space based game where users have to solve three puzzles that can be accessed via a central portal. Each puzzle is a pattern based game. After completing each puzzle and returning to the main scene, the user must solve a final puzzle before completing the game!


Team highlander

Team Lead: Praytoosh Patel
Partner: Nikitha Gullapalli

Space Shooter: Challenge yourself in this Virtual Reality space shooter game. Help our spaceship pilot get to planet Saturn. Join the adventure and shoot your way through the asteroid belt in this action game for google cardboard.


Team daito

Team Manager: Chaitanya Agrawal
Team Members: Vikas Rajput, Dakshvir Singh Rehill, Amany Hussien

Outliver is a mobile VR game where the user works in a science lab. The user the steps in the teleporter risking his life and wanting to experience new land. The teleporter wasn't fully working and hence breaks in the new land. The users task is to rebuild the teleporter with the scattered teleporter and return back to the lab.


Team override

Team Manager: Ethan Soo
Team Members: 
Tyler McCreary, Vescan Alexandru Cosmin

Saboteur is a multiplayer based game targeting the HTC Vive in which 12 players are situated inside of a house with one of two roles: innocent or saboteur. While innocents aren’t able to tell what role everyone else is, saboteurs can see the role of every player in the game. The goal of the game changes depending on which role you are.


Team halliday

Team Manager: Alberto Garcia
Team Members: 
Aries Liang, James Weber, Shreyans Sheth

Risk at Light is a 6DoF Stealth game, where the player traverses a jungle to obtain a gem. By scouting and waiting the player may avoid detection and climb through the map.


Team derezzed

Team Manager: Sonia Wagner
Team Members: 
Charles Vulliamy, Ananta Kumar Roy, Vivek Chand

Bear Necessities is an educational mobile VR game that teaches hikers how to reduce the risk of injury and death when hiking in areas with bears.


Team ludus

Team Manager: Rohit Wesley Thomas
Team Members: 
Osama Nsr, Yinan Xiong, Rafael Ducati

Risky Crystal Mining (The Toughest job in the Galaxy) is a Cardboard-VR game where you have to deliver orders for mining the asteroid belt while handling your careless assistant Robot, who has a bad habit of getting drunk on coffee, all this while not dying.



Below are some of the projects created during the forth round of TEAMWORKS. The theme was CHANGE.

Team 2600

Team Manager: Jehoshaphat I. Abu
Team Members: Bruce J. TurnerDaniel Zweig, and Valeria Acevedo.

Resource Balance is a mobile VR game that challenges players to balance the growth of cities against the environmental consequences. Mining natural resources allow the player to build cities and increase wealth, but each city's prosperity also depends on access to clean water and fertile land. The player wins by maximizing the combined prosperity level of all cities on the map.


Team Aech

Team Manager: Michelle Mboya
Team Members: Ahmed Chehab el DineDiana Cristina Culincu, and Natalia Kaganovskaya.

Apocalyptic Rebirth is an experimental game where users collect resources in an apocalyptic world and build a type of city based on what resources they collect.


Team Anorak

Team Manager: Stefan Zerwas
Team Members: Vincent-Xavier Reynaud

Feel the Weather is an explorative mobile VR application for new users, that tries to elicit 'awareness' and at best 'emotional responses'.


Team Art3mis

Team Manager: Russell Alleen-Willems
Team Members: Abigail Mathews, Alwin Kuruvilla, and Tyler McCreary.

TimeVR is an exploration experience about the changes that occurred at a hypothetical archaeological site in the American Southwest. The player explores different time periods by traveling through portals they place and is able to scan artifacts that then populate the museum gallery back in the present.

Team Bit

Team Manager: Cen Yen Ong
Team Members: 
Abhilash Reddy, Fang Yi, and Michael Smilovitch.

ColorLand is a game about the dreams and transformation of a caterpillar. The caterpillar has an imaginative mind and yearns for adventure. The caterpillar’s travels lead to games involving changing colors.


Team Crunch

Team Manager: Pedram Haghzaban
Team Members: 
Alina KadlubskyJulie Stubbs, and Vikas Rajput.

The Maze is a VR game in which user needs to find all the items in order to finish the game.

Team Override

Team Manager: Ashfak TM
Team Members: 
Bilal Tanveer and Sam Olchovik.

TransportationVR is a Virtual reality experience built for CardboardVR that demonstrates the change in transportation from old to new.



Below are some of the projects created during the third round of TEAMWORKS. The theme was PATTERNS.

Team Abraxas

Team Manager: Ljuben Vassilev

Team Members: Kai Evenson and Shreya Shah.

Christmas Patterns VR is a mobile VR puzzler where user can build a shape out of the primitives located around the scene within a defined time. Since Christmas is around the corner, we decided to use Christmas tree as our primary shape and triangles of different sizes as our pattern, and have fun with it!


Team Adventure

Team Manager: Jehoshaphat I. Abu

Team Members: Douglas Monteiro, Gustavo Buarque Costa Cardoso, and Rabieh Fashwall.

Patshot is a mobile VR game that allows the player to shot cubes and score points within a defined time.


Team Aech

Team Manager: Michelle Mboya

Team Members: Ahmed Chehab el Dine, Diana Cristina Culincu, and Natalia Kaganovskaya.

Andromeda Initiative is a space based game where users have to solve three puzzles that can be accessed via a central portal. Each puzzle is a pattern based game. After completing each puzzle and returning to the main scene, the user must solve a final puzzle before completing the game!


Team Anorak

Team Manager: Ambuz Vimal

Team Members: Abhilash Reddy.

Pattern EscapeVR is a virtual reality game designed on the Google Cardboard platform for Android devices. Recognize the patterns and solve the puzzles to escape the treasure room and find freedom. Have fun!!


Team Bit

Team Manager: Tyler Smith

Team Members: Amanda Steigerwalt.

Sporkle Spells is a Magic-based Physics puzzle game for the Vive, players use a combination of spells cast by linking patterns in a spellbook, in order to solve puzzles.


Team Clu

Team Manager: Acar Okan Akalin

Team Members: Michael Smilovitch and Nidhal Liouane.

Nāga: The Gaze Maze is a Virtual Reality (VR) game for Google Cardboard. It is similar to the all time arcade classic Pac-Man.


Team Crunch

Team Manager: Matt Storm

Team Members: Baris Balli and Tekaya Oussama.

Pirate Shooter VR is a fun puzzle shooting game designed for Google cardboard where the player needs to find all the gold before the timer runs out.


Team Daito

Team Manager: Kristin Dragos

Team Members: Annie Alford, Greg Rossell, and Kostas Kotsiras.

Feed the Queen: Take on your role as a worker bee in this virtual reality game for Google Cardboard. Seek out the flowers your queen desires and collect their pollen. The path is dangerous at times. Avoid traps and hazards along the way.


Team Ladyhawke

Team Manager: Meyrele Torres

Team Members: Kianna L. Moore, Robert Groves, and Ryuki Kobayashi.

Doomsday Device - You are professor Isabeau Hawke. Transported and trapped inside the Doomsday Device, a alien structure set to destroy Earth, you must enter a pattern based disarm code. It sounds easy enough. Will you save Earth or let it be destroyed by the Doomsday Box?


Team Matrix

Team Managers: Felipe Castañeda and Richard Torres.

Team Members: Andres Infante and Ryan Boyd.

SPIROGLYPH is a game to draw amazing figures by choosing the color, pattern and shape. Enjoy the experience with the visualization and creation of figures out of this world.


Team Tempest

Team Manager: Andrei Yarmak

Team Members: Valeria Acevedo.

Harry Pattern Game is a pattern-recognition game for Google Cardboard. The objective of the game is to reach Diagon Alley within a Harry Potter-inspired scene. Players can navigate the scene by solving a series of pattern-recognition puzzles: pinpointing select stars, moving checkers on a checkerboard, and, finally, recognizing a pattern of bricks at the enchanted wall.



Below are some of the projects created during the second round of TEAMWORKS. The theme was COLOR.

Team 2600

Michael Smilovitch, Haisam Elkewidy, Joel Thiessen, and Jordan Partridge.

COLOVR is a painting game for Google Cardboard with a twist: You can only paint using projectiles. Features include various options for paint color, including a "random" option if you're feeling adventurous, and modifiers for paint splatter size. Choose from our selection of designs and get painting!


Team Abraxas

Hannah King, Tejas Shroff, Zed Zhou, and Rick Orme.

Fireworks! gives players a fun, creative, firework launching experience. Players can choose from two different game modes: A timed, target shooting range in three levels of difficulty and a freestyle mode where players can launch as many fireworks as they want. Using their controllers, users can ignite, aim, and launch their fireworks at a series of colorful targets or up into the night sky.


Team Aech

Myung Park, Susanne Meerwald-Stadler, Daniele Spera, and Aditya Balwani.

MagicBalloon is an interactive game designed for Google Cardboard that requires the user to make noise as part of the gameplay. Objects start as blank, but player can color them through the RGB-balloon coloring system. Player must inhale fast, and hiss to inflate/deflate balloons that color the object next to it.


Team Anorak

Jehoshaphat Abu, Walker Kun, Wayne Lee, and Blessing Orazulume.

FlyVR is a VR game that sees the player guide a ship through space, shooting asteroids and flying through gates to score points within a defined time.


Team Art3mis

Russell Alleen-Willems, Gineton Alencar, Diego de Palacio, and Sara Wade.

ColorBlindVR is an experience that challenges users to complete a collection mini-game with both normal vision and simulated Red-Green colorblindness (Protanopia).


Team Bit

Acar Okan Akalin and Diana Cristina Culincu.

Pointblack is a virtual reality paint shooter game for Android with 2 different game modes. Deathmatch PvP mode is a free-for-all paintball arena where players try to paint each other while dodging incoming bullets. Co-Op PvE mode is a battle to the death on an unknown planet where players unite against a colossal boss, the Color Eater Space Demon Buba!


Team Burn

Yannick Serge Obam, Michelle Mboya, and Evi Odioko.

LookLearn is an educational VR app for young children teaching them nursery rhymes and colors! It’s a fun, well designed childrens bedroom that encourages interactivity with colors and objects.


Team Daggorath

Gustavo Buarque Costa Cardoso, Jose Pablo Ramirez, Cory Tjendrakasih, and Thimmaiah Kuppanda.

Floaties is an experience where people can make their own VR art world with painting floating objects with a set of color and pattern. It's like creating your own installation art room.


Team Goodwin

Brett Jephson, Pedro Corvo, Michael Kelly, and Masa Iketani.

Paint The World. Take one-part Splatoon and one-part Google Earth, mix for colorful fun. A first-person, paint gun shooter where you color in famous landmarks from across the globe.


Team Highlander

Will Petillo, Alberto Garcia, Ricardo Funk, and Devin Moya.

Bit-Bots Arena is a First-Person wave-defense shooter where the player is a turret protecting a planet from waves of asteroids. Modify your attributes by adding and removing energy cores of various colors in the design area. Red cores = firepower, yellow = planet health, blue = firing rate/ammo, green TBD.


Team IOI

Stefan Pilipovic, Fravic Fernando, and Mike Schreiner.

Splatrooms is a first person shooter for Oculus VR in which you must use your paint gun to paint as much of a room as possible before time runs out.


Team Matrix

Zaid Baig, Ahmed Chehab el Dine, Jacinda Moment, and Suraj Kumar Suna.

ColorBlast is a First Person Shooter game where the player is surrounded by different colored spheres around him. The player has a blaster where randomly a colored sphere is selected. In order to score points the player needs to shoot the correct colored sphere or else failure in doing so will face a penalty of points reduction.



Melissa Taft, Shreya Vijay, and Ted Watson.

Color Bam is a VR game made for Google Cardboard. The player begins in a room, holding a colorful gun and surrounded by grey objects. To win, the player much match the gun’s color to the true color of each object.


Team Skywalker

Ajiboye Tade, Gbadamosi Tunde Isiaq, Amaechi Anyalewechi, and Rukayat Abokede.

Colour Combo is a VR game made for Google Cardboard. The experience has twenty (20) random colours. The player can get a resultant colour by clicking on two different colours. The scene can be reloaded by clicking on the reload icon displayed below the resultant colour, this will generate another twenty random colours. Enjoy!!!


Team Sorrento

Giovanni Laquidara and Ethan Soo.

ColorBallz is a First Person puzzle game. It's the Puzzle Bobble in VR! The player has to launch colored balls to destroy other colored balls attaching 3 same color bubbles. It was realized in Unity with Google VR framework, it's compatible with Cardboard but we have a version compatible with Daydream View + Controller too.



Below are some of the projects created during the first round of TEAMWORKS. The theme was THE PAST.

Team Anorak

Chris Nelson, James Kim, and Shan Sun.

Anorak provides an on rails experience where users can flick primitive objects out of their way and rewind to go back to the past.


Team Ludus

Fernando Alarcon, King Becerra, and Will Petillo.

Photo Swap is a mobile VR application for new VR users. The object of the game is to arrange a set of 360 degree photospheres to tell a story.


Team Morrow

Douglas Mello, Hero Ngauv, and Patrick Colton.

Ancient Ruins is a VR experience in which the viewer finds himself in a deserted ruin of an unknown civilization and try to uncover the story of a family that lived there through the voices that come out of the objects.


Team Parzival

Diego de Palacio.

Parzival is a room scale VR game prototype for training the fast usage of a sword with precise hits.